Snowboard Lessons for Kids!
Snowboard Lessons also available for kids as early as 6 years old, and for skier infants at 3 years old.
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CASI Snowboard Level 1 & 2

CASI has partnered with various course providers to offer certification courses in selected locations outside of Canada including South Korea, Japan and Andorra. The first CASI course in Japan was a Level 1 held in Hakuba in December 2011, and Evergreen Outdoor Center is now an official foreign course provider. Please see website for more details of prices and dates.


Avalanche Course in Japan

Dave Enright teaching Avalanche Skills Training (AST) course

AST 1: March 3-4        AST 2: March 3-7
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David Enright is a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association and has instructed on recreational & professional avalanche courses for over a decade. The Avalanche Skills Training (AST) courses have been developed by the Canadian Avalanche Center and are considered the standard in recreational avalanche training. Evergreen offers both Level 1 & 2 in English and Japanese.

Instructor Morning Training

Evergreen Ski & Snowboard Instructors train everyday from 7AM-9AM, to increase their skills to better serve our clients.


Summer Camp July 16 -20 Photos

This camp was a perfect mix of sunny days at the lake, rafting, hiking, canyoning and so much more. We were treated to some fantastic weather and got to explore many natural areas within the Hakuba valley. We hope you all had a fun time at camp, made new friends, challenged yourself and can come back for more adventures in 2013!Thanks guys you are the bestest campers!Dave, James, Jade, Nadine, Simon, Kevin, Fabienne and Deb.

Please check the photos here;



Summer Camp July 23-27: Photos

A great week of sunshine, outdoor activities and camp memories in Hakuba. After a week together and 2 weeks for some of the campers it was sad to see everyone head home but we are all looking forward to see your smiling faces again soon or at least by next summer for Summer Camp 2013!!

Thanks guys you are the bestest campers!

Dave, James, Jade, Nadine, Simon, Kevin, Fabianne and Deb.

Check all the photos here;


Hakuba Snow Report – 27th Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Clear, blue skies
New snowfall: 0cm; (up to 10cm on resorts)
Snow depth: 285cm (Top of Goryu)
What can I say? :) Yesterday was one of those very special days in late season when we get a lot of new snow and snow conditions are set back to peak season. I have even heard some people say it was one of the best days of the season. Whether it was that good or not, I’ll leave it up to the discussions but it sure was an excellent day on the slopes of Hakuba and Otari. Those lucky enough to have timed their trips for a day yesterday – and indeed today – will be leaving with big smiles and some very fine memories.

There was so much (somewhat unexpected) heavy snowfall that things like Hakuba 47′s park being closed happened.

So lots of fresh snow to play in and it was great light snow too.

By the end of lifts yesterday it ended up being just cloudy – with a bit more snow reported at some resorts up top overnight – but this morning the clouds have moved and it is clear, bright, blue and sunny out there. Just some small wispy clouds on the tops of some of the mountains. Not much of a wind at all, a temperature of -2 degrees in village but that will likely rise to around +5 degrees later in the day. Maybe a bit of snow tomorrow and then warmer temperatures late in the week. But… get this… snow may well be with us next weekend once again and potentially more decent snowfall. We’ll just have to see about that but for now there are some fine, fine conditions to enjoy.


Pictures from Lessons in Action & some fresh POW!

It has been raining 3 days ago, and the rain turned into snow.  All instructors with their days off got a first ride out on the Gondola at 8AM, and there was even a 15 minute queue for the Gondola late this season!  Many rode for 4 hours in the AM, 4 hours in the PM.  Super excited!

Half of our ski school instructors have already gone home to their countries and missed out on some last minute POW.  Less people are coming in for lessons, but that means better for you!  Less people means the chances of getting 1 on 1 instructions for the price of a group lesson!

All skied up!

special lesson

Follow the instructor!

Listen to Instructor Alex!

Hakuba Snow Report – 26th Mar 2012

Weather conditions: Cloud > clearing up?
New snowfall: 20cm
Snow depth: 280cm (Top of Goryu)
And it is another extremely good morning from Hakuba.

It really feels like winter is back at the moment.

We have got about 10-15cm of new snow at base areas, but it actually feels like way more than that. It kept snowing all day long yesterday and finally stopped sometime last night. 25 to 30cm of new snow on the top of resorts, with some spots claiming up to 40-60cm! How about that then for late March! Lots of new snowfall all of a sudden that has taken more than a few people by surprise. We’ll have no complaints right now, and today will be a very fine day to be out riding on the slopes.

Still lots of cloud around but there are breaks in it and some blue sky on show – the forecast has the conditions clearing up and it looks like it is starting to happen.

The forecast is saying that we have a chance of snow tonight again with snow level of 200m, but sun and milder conditions likely tomorrow. The snow level will go up to 1200m and 2300m to 2700m on Thursday and Friday with much milder conditions due once again later in the week.

AVALANCHE DANGER IS HIGH. Because of this sudden huge amount of snow, it is pretty unstable everywhere in back country area now. Traveling BC area is not recommended. It will need al least 24 hours to get all the new snow settled down. Because of the winds against ridges last night, conies has formed many places and are very unstable.

Looks like the sun is coming out now over the village. Ba safe and enjoy!

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