June`s international School Camps

Despite being rainy season here in Hakuba, the outdoor adventures have continued. Coming from overseas, we welcomed an International School group last week for 7 days of fun in the Northern Japan Alps. Aside from a cultural day of visiting monkeys and Zenkoji temple, both kids and guides enjoyed hiking in the snow to up to Mt. Norikura-dake, canoeing on Lake Aokiko, canyoning in Kamoshika canyon, mountain biking the trails of Hakuba and even downriver rafting on the Shinanogawa. Needless to say, we all finished the week feeling a little tired, but with a world of great memories to take with us.


Evergreen guide Troy and crew lining up to navigate through the rapids.



The kid`s making their way up the snowy face of Tengu Hara

tengu hara ascent


Evergreen guide James and group cycling along side the Matsukawa with the three peaks of Hakuba in the background

James biking edit


Evergreen guide Troy teaching his group some map and compass skills


Staff training for the Evergreen Guides

With Green season upon us it is time for the Evergreen staff to refresh their guiding and first aid skills. With a few days on the Saigawa and Shinano rivers, Lake Aokiko and Hakuba`s mountain bike trails – our guides are feeling ready to go. We were also fortunate enough to have two staffers from Backpacker Medics to assist with our first aid training and scenarios – a very educational few days.


Evergreen guide Yukie practising her safety talk. Here she is demonstrating the `neutral` and `ready` positions.



Yukie is being hands on by going around the group and checking their positions.



Instructor Ya-chan refreshing bike maintenance skills




Instructor Ya-chan demonstrating her `ready position` on the downhill trail



Guide Dave practising his safety talk



Some spontaneous first aid training with a scenario during our downriver rafting. In this scenario, the patient has sustained some head and spine injuries and the Evergreen guides are making a makeshift stretcher from two paddles and life jackets before transporting him across the river to a helicopter accessible area. Big thank you to Backpacker Medics for their fantastic first aid training.




Another scenario in which this patient has sustained a leg break. Evergreen guides here are splinting the leg and transporting him to safety – invaluable training!



Our patient being carried to safety.





More rafting fun on the Saigawa – June 10th 2015

Wednesday (June 15th) brought us another great afternoon of rafting on the Saigawa with a Junior High School group. Once again we had fantastic weather and happy faces!


EOC Guides Mitsu and Ben doing their safety talk. The kids are learning how to hold and use their paddles as well as a few rafting strokes.Mitsu paddle talk copy

Pre-river; Guide Dave demonstrates to the kids how to be pulled into the raft, should they choose to go for a dip! Safetly talk - kid into raft

The rafts set off from the start point and the kids have a chance to practise their newly learnt paddle strokes. crop1 copy

Getting into the excitement – EOC Guide Dave and team splashing through the waves!crop3 copy

Jaja and crew navigating through the rapids!

crop 2 copy




School rafting trips in June

There is never a quiet moment here at Evergreen; between staff training and our regular lake & mountain tours, rafting is becoming increasingly popular. With the snow gone and summer well on it`s way, lots of schools within Japan are making their way to the rivers for this year`s rafting adventure. A welcome break from the classroom, students and teachers alike are enjoying the opportunity to learn new skills and sports in fun and safe environment.


EOC Guide Mitsu rafting the Saigawa with Junior High School students



Pictures from Lessons in Action & some fresh POW!

It has been raining 3 days ago, and the rain turned into snow.  All instructors with their days off got a first ride out on the Gondola at 8AM, and there was even a 15 minute queue for the Gondola late this season!  Many rode for 4 hours in the AM, 4 hours in the PM.  Super excited!

Half of our ski school instructors have already gone home to their countries and missed out on some last minute POW.  Less people are coming in for lessons, but that means better for you!  Less people means the chances of getting 1 on 1 instructions for the price of a group lesson!

All skied up!

special lesson

Follow the instructor!

Listen to Instructor Alex!

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